Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new creations

more affordable earrings. my new year resolution is to make at least 1 accessory every day.


besides earrings, i also make brooches. i source my material from Japan, hong kong and singapore. I like to use charms, crystals and beads.

see my creation at far east plaza

this is where i put my merchandise.

cheaper range

although I like swarovski crystal, but i also must create something for the mass, so these are some that i created for the young, colourful and very affordable.

for u and for me

I start creating my own accessories as i can't find any fanciful earrings for my sensitive ear lobe(if i wear the normal earring hook, my ear lobe will be itching and swollen, and i can only wear simple looking silver earrings). And so I started sourcing for 925 sterling silver earring hook and swarovski crystal and charms to handmade earrings 2 years ago.
now i have a handful of my proud creations to wear and sell. if your ear lobe is as sensitive as mine, i am more willing to custom made one for you.
Of course I do make earrings with normal earring hook(at a cheaper price) as not everyone are like me with sensitive ear lobe.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

start again

After created this blog in August, I haven't had the motivation to write anything or do anything.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Singapore

Yesterday was Singapore National Day and today mark the birth of my blog. Every year i will make a point to stay home and watch NDP , likewise for this year. This year i am especially touched by the national songs, songs and speech of different decades and musical performances. i have gone through so much with Singapore and i feel so proud to be a Singaporean!